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This is normal... right???

After receiving my plants, I noticed that all of the traps were closed. I was expecting that, however I wasn't expecting some of them to stay completely closed until now- 6 days after getting them. Parts of the leaves are turing black and the traps havn't opened at all. One trap that had started to open stopped mid-way and is also turning black! I'm pretty sure that this is normal and that I should leave it but I wanted another opinion.

The good news is that the other traps have almost completely opened and some new traps that hadn't formed yet are showing signs of improvement :biggrin:!!!

hey, i had the same problem

if you see black spots, leave it, if the trap is totaly black, cut the trap off only, leaving the green leafe

eventually when the leafe gets black cut the black off as far down as you can go, leave all the green parts, it needs lots of energy, and if you dont cut off the black trap it will loose energy

riht now one of my VFT's traps, the trap is still bright green but the stem is getting black, when the bulb gets black i will cut off all the way down the leafe till the green part

ill try to forward a e mail that a user here sent to me about the same problem.