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Thinking about a few neps.

I've been thinking about buying a few nepenthes, and i'd like a recommendation on which one would be best. I'm looking for a large, colorful type. Preferably if the uppers are also colorful.

I'm trying to decide between these:
N. diatas,
N. fiazaliana,
N. mira,
N. densiflora,
and N. sibuyanensis.

Could you guys help me out?
only one?

my favorite from the list is N. jacquelineae, second is N. sibuyanensis, and third is N. mira.

you really NEED. N. jacquelineae.......
Yes, i agree, but whether to get it now or later is another story, i'll wait for a few more replies to make my descision. I have send an e-mail to Tony asking if he has some in stock.
I'd wait on the N. jaquelineae unless you want to burn a hole in your pocket...and I mean a BIIIIG hole. I'd go with the N. faizaliana, its a nice plant, similar to N. fusca, colorful and fairly compact.
I'd say the ones with the most interesting uppers will be jacquelineae, faizaliana and diatas (forest form).

-D. Lybrand
How difficult to care for is diatas, and how large does it get?

N. jacquelineae has been stricken from the list, it's just too darn expensive.
N. diatas is a more cooler growin highland plant...pretty much an ultrahighlander, but it does fine with the regular highlands, at least my form has, and its "meadow" form. Has flowered and is making seed even!
So, it can grow comfortable wherever a rajah, or macrophylla will thrive? If so, my rajah and macrophylla are very happy, and i guess i'll buy myself a diatas.

Thanks a lot!
First of all, where do you guys see "jacquelineae"

I would get the densiflora or diatas for sheer color. But sibuyanensis has gorgeous pitchers.
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I edited it out of my first post after it was stricken from the list.

Densiflora or Diatas then. I think sib has pitchers that are too much resemble a large ventricosa.

Is diatas any more fragile than rajah or macrophylla? If not, then i'll get that. Which one gets larger btw? Also which form of diatas would you recommend meadow, or forest?
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Densiflora is a bit more difficult to grow than Diatas.
However, faizaliana should be the easiest of all these.
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Densiflora is MORE difficult? I doubt that. Diatas is an ultrahighlander, densiflora isn't. Or is there something i don't know about densiflora?
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Don't doubt anything you're unsure of. N. densiflora, for me is a slow grower and picky pitcher-er. N. diatas, on the other hand pitchers every single leaf and is, pretty much a weedy plant. Secondly, plants that you will be getting of N. densiflora, won't be very large, so you may want that as a second reason to get N. diatas, mine has already flowered and is setting new hybrid seed as we speak, and I got it on 7/8/2003
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I would go with N. mira or N. densiflora.

I would agree that N. densiflora is a little more difficult then N. diatas but not enough to make that the deciding factor.

I don't really think N. diatas is a untrahighlader it comes from 2400M-2600M but my clones do not seem to mind a little warmer weather. N. densiflora comes from 1700M-3000M so it has a much wider range.

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I'm not in the mood for taking care of more picky ones. I'll get a diatas. Which form would you guys recommend?
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i'm partial to meadow form but that's just me
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I don't grow it myself, but I rather like forest form.

-D. Lybrand
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Maybe i should have asked for descriptions of the different forms instead, lol. As far as i know, the meadow form is a bit more squat, and the forest form is more elongated. What are the other differences?
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This is very interesting! My densiflora grows much faster and has more pitchers than my diatas (which is slower, tends to send out too long a shoot with fewer pitchers). My densiflora started out small from BE and has taken off with a new pitcher twice as fast as N. diatas. Plus all my hybrids with densiflora grows weedier (N. truncata x densiflora, thorelii x densiflora, ventricosa x densiflora, etc.). I wish my diatas would grow faster, I love the pitcher coloration and design! The pitchers do last longer than those of densiflora, but densiflora still grows leaps and bounds in comparison. Maybe because densiflora likes more light?!?

Any way, even though sibuyanensis looks ventri-like, its an awesome plant having larger pitchers in proportion than ventricosa. Imagine a plant not more than 8 inches across with pitchers the size of red delicious apples (and that's a young plant!)

Get them while you can. Its always something. You see them available everywhere, then all of a sudden NOBODY has any!

Good luck!!!!!

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Forest- from what I've seen, more elongated, leggy, toothy peristome, very "red" pitchered plant.

Meadow (what I have)- way more compact, well developed peristome, very colorful ptchered plant, many splotches of color on the pitchers, mine has a striped peristome.