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They just got up!

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey everyone! I just woke up my VFT's a little early as I put them into dormancy about 1-2 weeks early. Well I'll be using the refridgerator from now on! They all came out perfect! Just a couple of dead leaves that I trimmed off. A few of them have been growing over the winter in there! A couple of new leaves are coming or have came out and are resting on the soil. I am so happy they came out great! And I thought I would lose them all! Well anyone looking at this wondering what to do about dormancy take it from me! IT WORKS IN THE FRIDGE!!! Jst treat with a fungicide and your set! I may try it next year with them all in thier pots. I don't think it would make any difference. But I was bored and it is very close to the end of dormancy so I am now watching to see them get growing! Later and Thanks to everyone who helped me through dormancy! Nep.G.
YAY! I am glad they came out alright Nep.G
That's great N.G., I'm glad to hear they did great too.

Mine are au natural, on the porch. Very mild weather the past week, infact the porch hit 70F yesterday. I think I saw one of the flytraps open its eyes-then it saw its shadow and went back to sleep (OH No, thats Phil the groundhog who does that LOL). Anyhow, have fun watching yours get started.

Linda ö¿ö
Thanks Everyone! I do already see some of the older traps starting to loosen up and relax. They were as tight as a clenched fist but now more like an open hand inviting bugs to touch it.
But I'll post some pics. when they get growing good. Thanks. Later. Nep.G.
that's good to hear NG...
when did you put them into dormancy? I don't plan on removing mine from the fridge(and removing the hay outside) for another few months
I put them down about 2 weeks before Oct. was over.
thank god the hibernation season is coming to an end! i moved my flytraps inside about 3 weeks ago and they are now growing like mad.

i think i may have put them through a bit of shock when i brought them in however...

the first few new sprouts grew misshaped traps and leaves...very weird

but they are all looking very healthy now.

ill probably move them back outside in 2 or 3 months when it is warmer.
I am glad to chris! I was gettin kinda bored looking only at my Neps and Tropical Drosera. I just want my beautiful Sarracenias and Dionaea to be back outside with colorful traps! But now it is at an end.
Hey Linda... was that a poke at ME?!

Or is there really a groundhog named Phil <pout>
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:cheesy: Hey that's pretty funny! :cheesy: Ohh.....I mean Uh..... that's terrible;Linda don't make fun of Phil! No Seriously Phil there is a grounghod named Phil. No Kidding. You know when that big fat guy holds onto him and see if there's a shadow.....Personally I think it's a bunch of crap but the fat guy likes to have it every year. Ground hog day with fat man and ground hog.
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OH Phil! I'm sorry, I did not think about the connection. I thought everyone knew about Puxatony (sp) Phil, its a celebration up our way (Feb 13th I think). When Phil doesn't see his shadow it means an early spring, when he does it means 6 more weeks of winter--can't remember the last time he did not see his shadow, and I think they wake him up when its still dark out--go figure.

Anyhow, sorry, Linda ö¿ö
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I have my VFT's in a mini bog out on the deck. The temp has reached the 70's over the last few days. No signs of breaking the dormant state, however I'm sure these temps have got their attention.
Rob in Ga
It's Phoxitonyphil isn't it?
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Ok---It's Punxsutawney (looked it up on the map--it's a town a couple of hours south east of me in PA), and its 2/2 (tomorrow). So Happy Groundhog Day All!!
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Ha! That time of year again! Ground Hog Day! I think it is a total fake as if you shine light at the thing it will have a shadow no matter what! So it all depends if it is a sunny day or not what the forecast will be! Soo if you want more winter go to the groundhog and shine a light on him! If you want spring go put blinds around him! My gosh we can fore cast our own weather!
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wow, I butchered it.
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beat me to it! I knew that! (bout the ground hog!)

DE when did you put yours down? Mine will be coming out of dormancy in about a week or two...
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I suppose the early flytrap gets the rehydrated, freeze-dried blood worm...

Hm, besides my outdoor flytraps, which were mulched over with the start of hard frosts, I knocked mine out in late November. I suppose that's late for most people, but I hate to put a flytrap that's still growing vigorously to bed. I'm waking mine up, as always, in late March.
That means they'll get approx. four months dormancy. Personally, I just don't think three months is long enough!

BTW poor Phil (not the person, the groundhog!!
It doesn't sound like they're doing this the right way. Just waiting for the poor guy to come out his burrow, and then getting some mysterious 'fat guy' to grab him isn't what I'd call fair. They should just let Phil decide for himself(itself?).
Sorry, human Phil. An unfortunate coincidence!

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Phil (the groundhog) saw his shadow today...so 6 more weeks of winter they say.
Maybe Phil (the human, phlitrapguy) was named after the groundhog....perhaps a mom with an odd sense of humor?
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Hey Guys, here's an update on the VFT'S growth. Well my largest VFT is producing new traps,and my other ones RD,GD are doing wonderfully! I also have my S.Flava var. Flava producing a flower!!! I am soo happy! I have a question about S.Flava var. Flava's flowers also. How do they smell? I have heard they are extremly unpleasant smelling so I wouild appreciate anyone's opinion on thier aroma. Thanks.
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I've had them flower and they seemed fine, unless my sense of smell is horribly messed up! I read somewhere they're supposed to smell like 'kitty litter boxes'. Hmm...

Yup. Phil emerged from his luxurious burrow today, amid 25,000 spectators, the news media, and tight security(to protect the fat rodent from terrorists).
But hey, I know plenty of people named Phil, but none named Punxsatawney!