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There is a major web forming

When I checked in on my plants yesterday, I found an enormous web forming over my entire plant. BOOHOO. This is the same plant that last week I found weird smelly goo growing in. What is going on here? Should I submerge the entire plant like you suggested someone else do? Do I run a risk of my other plants getting this if they are too close? I was peaking around, and it seems like this one plant is strickly planted in spagnum moss. Could that be the problem? Should I attempt to repot the sucker with fresh moss? Someone, please come to my rescue!
Are you sure its webbing and not a form of mildew? How is the plant doing thru all of this if it's healthy and you are sure it's webbing I'd say in this case you might want to get an insecticide, only because you just got over the mildew problem and don't want to encourage it to come back by dunking the plant.

Could you take another pic so we can see what it is your talking about? I don't like having to tell people to use chemicals but Hmmm...

Please post a pic so we know for sure, I wouldn't want you to spend extra money for an insecticide if its a form mildew.
Thanx unknownclown. Actually, last night I did emerse the entire plant in water, and there comes a spider running for its life, out of the moss, up a leaf. I flung him with my finger off my fire escape! He is gone! The web kinda disappeared over night, and the plant (hopefully) is on its way to recovery.

Some of the leaves/traps (the older ones) are looking not good at all. They look a bit dehydrated, yellowish and tired, but all new growth looks great. I have been contimplating cutting off the leaves/traps that aren't looking all that great. Is that a bad idea?
It's actually a good idea, because that way the VFT concentrates on new growth instead of dead leaves...
FABULOUS! That is just want I was hoping someone would say. I was nervous doing it thinking I might be doing something wrong. Thanx!

This plant is strickly planted in spagnum moss. Is that bad? I recieved it that way. Should I repot it? I know that this is a bad time of year, but considering everything that this plant has been going through... I thought a hair cut and a new home might be in order, not sure...

Thanx again for your help people, you guys rock!
Lithopsman, if you don't know an answer, don't respond with advice.

Do not cut off the leaves that 'don't look so nice' right now...

Your plant has been through a lot of stress, and if the leaves are still green, then the plant can still photosynthesize from them.

Flytraps seem to exist on the verge of starvation, they live in deficient soil, and have to catch insects for prey... many times, when they are stressed out, they just cant accomplish tihs... the one thing they are never to stressed to do though, is photosynthesize, and you should never take away any little bit of their chance to do that.

I don't clip ugly leaves off even my healthiest plants, untli they are almost completely gone, or I am going to photograph it.

I hope you have not already clipped them, but if you have, then about the only thing I can suggest is that you really really baby it over the next couple of weeks, don't move it, make sure it's conditions are ideal, and let it recover. It probably won't die, it just won't recover as fast as it might have.  

you might also want to water it with superthrive, which will help it establish stronger roots, and take up more nutrients from the soil.

Don't repot your plant right now, it's been through a lot lately, and you have it sounds, been doing a great job taking care of those problems... you should let it go into dormancy this winter, and then repot it when you take it out in mid feb.
Wow. ok, I'll hold off on the clipping. Thanx for all the very helpful info.
Um Ram.... thats Lithopsman there that gave that wonderful advice

Sorry... point still stands though...

I'll go change it.