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The seeds are sprouting!

About 20 of my d.capensis "alba" , and one of my d.spatulata "kansai" have sprouted! None of my d.nidiformis or d.capensis "narrow" have sprouted yet though (hopefully I didn`t kill them with that heat pad). I have them comunaly in a rubermaid container with a pane of glass on top under a 15 watt flourescent light. What should I do now?
I think we were probably all busy today.

Do you have all the send in the container or just the sprouted ones?
cool ,my d. aliceae , d. intermedia , d. nidiformis , and d. capensis that i never tried to germinate seed all germinated a few weeks ago as well . be careful of three thing , if lisphagnum starts growing i reocmend pinking them out and oputting them else where before they choke the seedlings , botryis is a type of fungus that has already sted on my nidiformis and aliceae , control it while you can and the notorious slime mold , it will cover your seeds and choke them as well , it growin on alot of my plants . good luck .
All of them,but I have them seperated in the same container.
Wait until the plants have made 3 or more carnivorous leaves, and then scoop then out individually. Get under the roots which at that stage should be no more than a cm or so in length, and remove them with a bit of medium still attached, and set them into their new pots of a similar mix. I put about 4 of the rosetted types into a 4 inch pot, but larger forms should have only 2 per pot. A good tool are the plastic forks used at parties to serve cheese chunks: they have 2 tines to the fork, and these work well to lift out the seedlings and set them into their new space. Transplants are best done early, before the plants get longer roots. Keep the new transplants in high humidity for a week or so, and gradually expose them to lower humidity. That should do the trick.
Still no nidiformis,or capensis "alba",and only one spatulata "kansai",but the plants that did sprout are doing very well. (I hope those nidiformis,capensis "alba",and spatulata "kansai" sprout.)
Yipee! I was peering in on them tody and guess what.................about 15 nidiformis!
Still nothingg from the capensis "typical", and only the one patulata "kansai" Though
,but I have not given up hope! And the nidiformis sprouting has realy perked me up!