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The only natural enemy of love bugs

Today I witnessed on of my traps snare a wandering love bug. It hasn't spit it out yet so I'm thinking this is the approach we should take for love bug control in Florida... VFT's everywhere!!

Cupid? Eros?

That girl in engish class???

What is a love bug?
These are love bugs...


They inundate the area (I'm in Florida) every spring and fall when they mate and they have no natural enemies (that I know of). Sorry for the confusion.
Do they have like a red criss cross pattern??

heeeeeeeeee, i'm so giggly now!!!! thats so hilarious!!!!!! Now i know why th ey are called love bugs!! Thats so funny!!!
Scuse me while i convulse...

that is SOOOO FUNNY!
No criss cross pattern, but they do have an orange thorax.
o u mean the bugs that sometimes suck blood from people's lips? I think thoase are also called assasin bugs.
I don't think they really do much of anything except, well... you know. And splatter on your windshield.
There are simialar things in my aread... they have criss crossy orange patters on their backs because of the coloring on the margins of their wings... maybe diamonds, not Xs... Yea, they copulate loads here too... Maybe I can feed them to my plants... They DO seem to be the correct size...
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are u from australia?
i get bugs of a similar description where i live. but i wouldn't dream of sticking one of these in a vft... they're huge >1 inch
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These are only about 1/2 inch and my VFT seemed to like it. When they get thick here (soon) I'll put my traps outside for snack time.
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We have something like that here too... sars are gluttons on them. yum...

I can't wait till all my flytraps are just kickin it this year... it will be a veretable carpet in one large 36" container... flytrap flytraps everywhere.... killing bugs without a care...