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The Great Experiment

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Sour Cream (regular) - no effect after a week and a half
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I would think sour cream would be a little to fatty since it is the really 'rich' portion of the milk that has been scraped off...

well, the plants are all doin great, new pitcher growth and all...
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I actually thought it was non-fat sour cream because that's what we usually get, but checked later and saw it was regular. Someone should try some non-fat stuff if they have a chance
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Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd add something. I gave my Flava and Purp. a few drops of whole milk about 2 days before vacation, then I was gone 10 days...I got back and the purp had three new fully developed pitchers with two more on the way, and the flava had 2 more with one on the way....All look nice and healthy too.
Has anyone tried milk with any other kind of CP (sundew, VFT, ping, whatever)?
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I have tried a similar milk fertilizer with my mexican pings and droserae. I took a teaspoon of milk(lowfat) and added a pinch of epiphytic delight. Then, I added some freeze-dried bloodworms to the solution and waited a couple of hours until the bloodworms were rehydrated. I applied the bloodworms to the majority of my pings and droserae. After a week, I noticed that two of my mexican pings were starting to divide and many of the smaller(less than 1in) droserae and pings from cuttings etc. grew new leaves that were almost double the size of the older leaves.

P.S I left the milk+fertilizer solution in a small plastic bag and when I found the bag a couple days later and opened it...there was a smell equivalent to rotten eggs mixed with smelly cheese, stinky socks and a strange sulfer-like stench...
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well... a few weeks have passed, and none of the other plants have even caught up to the growth of the purp I put the whey protien isolate into.

So, being the impulsive lunatic that I am, I added some to every pitcher on every sarracenia I have!

cross your fingers... lets see what happens!
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Good luck and pray you don't lose your pitchers on your other Sarracenia.
I don't think you will as a small amount of the protein isolate will surely be in the digestive zone in Sarracenia pitchers.
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Just curious.. are the plants still growing well?
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After I did the experiment with the egg white, it did work well, although I went away for a week and the plants did not get enough water and are... well... Dead
:(:( Thats really bad because the egg white really did have an effect
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Ok, who was in charge of the watering while you were away?

My hit-man services are cheap....
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Is there any way they can come back after going brown and crspy? I've still got it, so there may be hope!!!
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I suppose another way of judging whether it's successful or not is to see what happens when growth resumes in the spring. I assume some of the nutrition is stored in the rhizome over winter.
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hey yall i was wondering how much milk or egg whites i could put into my sarracenia flava,and how long does it take to see any improvement.

Thanks, Kevin
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I fed my Purp. about a 3/4cm bit of egg white. I had growth straight afterwards!
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Hey Kev,
I must agree with venusashtrap. I gave my Flava and my Purp. a couple of drops of whole milk, and the difference was evident in less than 48 hours. Little leaf shoots just appeared!!
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I'm going to try egg whites again with my newly purchased Purp. Shall I take pictures of before and after? Please let me know as I'm doing it tonite. Thanks.
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Hey all, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... I busted my ankle up on the basketball court this morning and have been laid up on Tylenol with Codene all day.

any how, I just hobbled outside to check on them, and between the plants (1 Lucy, 1 Mardi Gras, 1 Oreophylla (producing TONS of phylodia right now (to hot in texas) and 2 purps) I have a total of 11 pitchers either new or forming, some of them are of substantial size!

thanks for the continued interest!
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VenusAshTrap- that would be great if you could post before and after pics.. I'm really curious about this subject and I'd love to see them
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I'm going to try that on my Sarracenia hope it goes well