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The drosera binata i got from pft is actually

I got a drosera binata from the pft liquidation sale. it just came out of dormancy. The first leaf was one forked, but the 2nd leaf has 4 forks!!!!!!!!
I'll post a photo and edit it onto here later

Yes, please post a picture. I would like to see it.
 Mine is doing the same thing!  See Gotta question, About my D. binata.
  I suspect, that it may be the D. binata var. multifida pink-flowered.  I say this because D. binata's lamina only fork once, while ours have forked twice.  Multifida fork twice, but will not go dormant according to D'Amato.  Mine was definitely dormant or playing possum.  D'Amato then mentions that there is a pink-flowered variety that does have a brief dormancy.  That fits what we have seen thus far.  I guess the clincher will be when they flower.

Oooh, BCK, that's a nice leaf! I love all the right angles
Spec, I think you may be on the right track. I just had a new leave unfurl and it has 5 points instead of 4. Seems like each succesive set of leaves unfurls with an additional point. First 2, then 3, then 4, and now 5.
Actually, five points seems to be the limit with dichotoma. Mature plants will often get more, but my plant (see pic below) has been growing for over a year now and still averages 4-5 points per complex.


great photo noah!

I can see a flower stalk on it now! do I clip it off? I heard it can exaust the plant.
It wouldnt exhaust the plant to much, i would let it grow and collect the seed!

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Actually, they are hard on the plant, and they need to be crossed with a total other clone to form seeds. I suggest you cut it off
( I know it's hard)