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The carnivorous orchid



While looking in the HGTV website, I found an interesting article that told a little about a carnivorous orchid with sticky leaves to catch insects. How many of you have heard of it? Can you gather some info on it?
A species name would help
Doesn't sound like this orchid would be doing much else with sticky leave other than catching insects. Sounds exciting.

BTW: Is anyone planning on going back and get some more?
I sure hope it enters cultivation sometime soon!
sorry they are completely wrong about that orchid being carnivorous...

Someone said something and it just spread and the story grew and grew...
What!!!! Are you completely sure? What evidence do you have of that?
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It was believed to have some of the same trapping characteristics as other CPs. However, it was never scientifically confirmed.

If a plant kill insects, it doesn't mean it can absorb the nutrients. Carnivory requires absorption.
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True, but from what I've seen, it hasn't yet been confirmed wether or not it can digest and absorb insects. So for now, lets just say that their is a possibility that it is carnivorous