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The bog burn

I think the webpage with the bog burn works now. It takes several minutes to load, so please be patient.
Click on the link below to see the rest of the pics.

My Webpage

Excellent pics alandallas!
Is this your bog alandallas?  There are some wonderful specimens growing. Cool pics
that's excellent picture you took there. with looking threw the ones on the web page it looks like the Sarr's. are pretty tough and most of them made it threw it. with some getting toasted. that must of been something to see in person
Dfalkanger, the bog belongs to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas which is operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

George-CP, I was surprised that the S. Alatas stood up so well to the heat. Maybe they should have named them "Phoenix Plants". But even the survivng tubes will die back soon so that new growth can take place. Nature's way of doing things.

Can't wait until a few weeks from now because by then the whole bog will have become filled with bright green new pichers and yellow blossoms and of course, me getting some more pics.
Allen, yes mothernature is good at doing that w/ replacing the old w/ new. that is why it is always good to have a picture of one of the favorites around so you can always look back at it. yes, it will also be great to see the pictures you take of them coming back in the months to come. heck, i only wish i lived closer to the bogs here in florida and not haveing to drive 8 hrs to get to them but, the good thing is at least i have relatives up there i can stay with when i am up there.
GEORGE-CP....If you're 8 hours from north Florida, then I have a fairly good idea of what
area of FL you live in. Do you ever go to South Beach on a Saturday night? If not, then you
are surely a much wiser man the me. Met Gabriel (tropical storm Gabriel) there a couple of
years ago going down 1A west in the keys. What an adventure! Won't be doing that again

Back to N. FL, next time I am in that area, I'm going to drive every backroad I can until I
find some wild S. Leucophyllas.