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The ants go marching one by one

YYYYAAAAAAAAHHHH! yesterday my 'judith hindles' ate a bunch of ants, there are a TON of them in this one pitcher, with some still alive, I think.
I got an ant colony moving past my plants...so naturally my D.Dichotoma is black...and my N.XVentrata is covered..they're just falling in!
that happened to my sarr once when i accidentally left it on the floor, the whole ant colony was crawling to it, i could see the line of ants going to my sarr, also when i left it on the floor and lifted it up, there were tons of ants on the floor!
too bad they stacked up inside the older pitchers and made "steps" and bit through the pitcher. i tried to drown them but they keep coming back even when i hung it.

the ants were eating the sarr instead of the sarr eating the ants!