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Thank you

I want to thank all the VFT respondees! All your suggestions and guidance is greatly appreciated.

I want to say... I purchased my second VFT this weekend in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and it is ENORMOUS!!! And I just purchased...ummm...8 more plants from you! (can you tell I am obsessed?)

I recently took my original trap out of a jar I was keeping it in, and started keeping it in a water tray as you mentioned. In addition, I am giving it much more light, 14 hours a day, 6 of which are direct sun light. My traps are turning red! SO COOL! But why would some turn red, and others not?

I went to feed one guy a fly this morning, and the bugger wiggled itself out! I couldn't believe my eyeballs!

Well, again, THANK YOU GUYS. You’re very helpful.