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Here's what I did:

1 standard size aquarium (These go for about $8)
1 roll of extra wide aluminum foil
2 120 volt light fixtures, each holding 2 lights
2 grow light florecent light bulbs
2 "cool white" bulbs
1 timer

What I did, is very carefully wrap the aluminum foil around the fish tank. I made a panel of foil the size of each side, then taped it on. This is to make sure no light escapes.

I then made a panel the size of the "front" which just had a strip of duct tape on the top, so it could be removed easily for viewing.

I then put saran wrap on the top of the tank, and put the lights on top of that. I have my timer set for about 12 hours a day. The humidity remains around 70-90 percent. Daytime temp is high 80s, and at night it drops to my AC temp of 75.

I would recommend this setup as a great starter setup. It is cheap, and completely self contained, so you can grow it anywhere. Air circulation is an issue, but surprisingly hasn't been too bad with my CPs. Fungus seems to be affecting my Bonsai more. I will be soon fixing this, by adding a little tube attached to a fan.

This system will also need to be cleaned, as water and algae will build up on the bottom. This is pretty simple, as it is a small tank. I think I clean mine out ever 2-3 months.

As a side note, my plants have gone wild in this environment. My neps are loving it, and putting out very large and colorfull pitchers. Even my Sars and flytraps seem to be enjoying it.