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Hi All!

I was wondering if anyone had tips on setting up a terrarium for VFTs.  For example:

What's a good size case?

Do you un-pot the VFTs and plant them in soil inside the terrarium or do you just place a potted VFT in it?

If the VFT is not potted, how do you water them and still keep to the rule of keeping them in a pool of water?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated...

Welcome to the posts.

The size of the terrarium depends on how many Vft's you want to grow. I use a aquarium about 15" in length, and 10" in depth, and there are 2 large Vft's in it. You want to encourage air circulation to prevent rot, so i would advise a large case rather than a small one. Also allow for lighting fixtures, since Vft's need as much bright light as possible. My 2 aquariums are kept on a south facing window where they recieve plenty of light, so i don't need to use light bulbs. If you do choose to use artificial lighting, most people on this forums go for florescent ones. Get a double light fitting and 1 grow bulb along with 1 softlight bulb.

Keep the Vft's in their pots rather than filling up the terrarium with loads of peat. It would create many problems with watering if you filled the terrarium up with peat. Place a tray in the terrarium with about 1" of water. A large tray is better since the water creates more humidy which Vft's like.