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Terrarium reconstruction

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Well obtaining new Nepenthes that are humidity lovers I decided to make the terrarium look better with the added benefit of more than enough humdity. Check it out, I personally, LOVE the look of it as it looks natural and is natural!  



Looks real good!

BTW where did you get all that nice live spahgnum?

Have fun!
A bog I go to. Lots of living lush sphangum so I pick up a few.
I'll bet that brings your plants some small living foods too - Springtails and things like that. I live near a few swamps, I should grab a baggie and go for a walk since it's not Borneo temps out there today finally!
Yes, in with the Sphag comes spiders mstly but the occasional slug whihc get's killed by a Nep and the very occasional balck ant.
Is it allowed to collect sphagnum moss from the wild in the US? Here in Germany most sphagnum species are severely protected by law. - So I do buy mine from orchid suppliers.

Well taking 1 gallon of moss isn't gonna hurt the bog any!
Very nice looking NG, I'm sure your plants love you for it
Thanks Linda!
I sure do love it! Makes it look like a REAL Borneo Nepenthes habitat!
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Nice collection of Nepenthes with the natural look setting.
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Thank-Ya kindly! There will be more Neps added such as Villosa,Macrophylla (if I ever get one) Edwardsiana (if I ever get one) and some other's like Inermis etc.