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Terrarium nepenthes


I've got a magic window!
Is there any Nepenthes that any one can recommend for a 10 gallon tank? I saw on a web site that they recommended Nepenthes fusca. I thought most Nepenthes got large.
well i would recomend something like coccinea because it isnt too tall but will get tall within a year or two but when it gets too big just cut it or let it scramble
N. coccinea in a 10 gallon? I've never seen a small Coccinea for sale, only cuttings from mature plants who's diameter can range from 24" to 36" in a couple months depending upon how bright of light you give it less light makes bigger leaves. A 24" diameter plant is way too large for a 10 gallon who's size is merely 12"L x 10"H x 10"H (if I remember correctly from my killifish breeding days).

A 10 gallon would be OK for seedlings and very small/slow growing neps like the small highlanders discussed in the post "Any Good Terrarium Neps" immediately below this post asking the same question about small neps. Almost all "small" neps are highland plants and will require bright light, night temps 50-60*F and 80-100% humidity at all times.
I would not recommend a n. x coccinea becuase it grows to fast and well out grow the 10 gallon in 2 months. I would say a N. ventricosa or a N. sanguinea or even a N. x judith finn. Please be more specific on what you wat to grow lowland or highland. Also a N. amp wouldnt be good for a 10 gallon it would out grow it as well. Same with a N. fusca and N. bica. What ever you choose hope it grows well and hope you will have fun growing it.

10 gallon is really limiting. Few Nepenthes will stay small enough to fit in it. Small slow growing highland seedlings as mentioned would be one way to go. Otherwise your looking at these lowland plants as potential candidates.
N. campanulata
N. bellii
N. distillatoria
N. gracillis
N. adnata

Phil traper2,

I'm not sure if I want highland or lowland. I was just trying to find out if I could grow any in a 10 gallon tank for starters. The more I look into it I do not think it would matter anyway. It seems both high and low like a temp difference between day and night. I would just have them house temp all year, day and night, usually around 70 degrees. I think they are really cool, but I do not think I can meet there requirements.