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Terrarium Kit A3

I'm new to Sundews, and do not own any yet.
I would like to purhcase the Terrarium kit A3, which includes Drosera Spathulata, Drosera Adelae, and Drosera Binata. So would these 3 Sundews be okay to grow in the same terrarium? I mean, I guess that's why Exotic Gardens offers it as a kit, but is it alot of maintenence?
I would imagine they would all survive together. The only thing I perfer when growing plants in a terrarium is they each have a container. There for you do not have to change the terrarium and sundews all at once if something goes wrong.

hope that helps,
Drosera binata needs very bright light and full sun and dies back to the roots in autumn (the T-Form), Drosera adelae doesn't.
Drosera spatulata is growing everywhere
D.spathulata and adeale doesnt need a dormancy, but binata does need a winter dormancy of about 3 months. They will do great if kept in individual pots. Good luck
Thanks for the info!!!
I will purchase them in separate pots.
One question though:
Is the 1.5 gallon terrarium too big for just one Drosera?
I just may buy a terrarium for each one.
At perfect conditions, D. Adelae will start to spread and spreads pretty quickly. A 1.5 gallon terrarium won't be big for D. Aladae, it will eventually cover the entire surface of the terrarium. I guess you could buy a terrarium for each plant because D. Binata requires dormancy during the winter months while D. Spatuhlata doesn't. It's your decision.
D. binata does not necessarily require a dormancy. Their native range exposes them to both temperate and tropical conditions so they can survive active full year.
I did not realize that the D. Adelae would get so big!!!
So would the 3 gallon terrarium be sufficient for it?
Frogger, it depends on the size of the container that you put the D. Adelae in. I have a 5 gallon terrarium and D. Adelae covered the entired surface.
Probably another reason to buy seperate container is that D. Adelae might cover up the D. Spatuhlata and D. Binata. But it's your choice.
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I don't think D.adelae will cover up D. binata. I think the D.adelea will take up as much room as you give it. If it does get to big divide it and trade away the extra.