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Terrarium growing.

Sep 13, 2003
Sebring, Florida
Hi, I'm experienced with VFT's grown outside..but not in Terrariums. I just made a 30 gallon one...and was wondering
what the best humidity/temperature it is for a VFT. For light I'm using a cool light and a full spectrum. 50w each. Also...how much light can I give it? Thanks!
Sep 21, 2003
SoCal (born in utah)
Um, I would pour some water into the floor of the terrarium, but not so much that the roots rot, just put about 1/8 inch in. This will make your terrarium much more humid, good for flytraps during growing season. I would also keep the temp at 70-80 degrees during growing season.

vft guy in SJ

VFT and Drosera lover
Jun 30, 2003
Merced, California
Room temperature is fine. A closed terrarium will be plenty humid. (I believe humidity is WAY overrated with VFTs) I would advise against planting directly in the terrarium because dormancy requirements will force you to have to uproot the plant every winter. Just set the pot inside the tank and that will be fine. If you want the planted look, dig out a hole in the soil that you can fit the entire pot into. As for lighting, VFTs love light.. LOTS of light... give them a good 14 hours a day durring the growing season. In the fall (like right now) cut it back a little bit every day. The plants need the shortened photoperiod to induce dormancy.