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TerraForums Thank You Membership (account upgrade) - No Longer Available


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Jul 12, 2001
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TerraForums Thank You Membership (account upgrade)

Support FlyTrapShop.com and TerraForums.com! and get the benefits listed below (but subject to change at any time if need be. Hasn't been done before except to add features, but just in case.).

-Your name in green

- No targeted advertising
-175 MB (183500800 bytes) of upload space where you can upload pictures directly to topics rather than needing to use other hosting services.(That's about 1400 images) You can post up to 20 of these in a single post.
-Quicker refresh rate on the chatbox. Currently registered users get a refresh rate of 20 seconds, but subscribers of this group get a refresh rate of 15 seconds.
-Can PM other thank you members on the chatbox to hold a private chat.
-Open and Close your own threads all over the forums (do NOT open your topic if a mod closes it for moderation reasons. Doing so you will lose your "Thank you" membership immediately.)
-Can store 300 PMs (instead of 75)
-Can list items for sale in the classifieds section (0% transaction fee VS. 5% for non Thank You members)
-Can view and seach chatbox archives
- Can participate in the Thank You members only trading forum

Purchase from: 1 Year Thank You membership – FlyTrapShop

List Date: 1/27/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: TerraForums Thank You Membership (account upgrade)
This item is no longer available.