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Tamlin, Tamlin, Tamlin!!!

I think one of my Drosera dichotoma "small red"s has germinated! It looks like a teeny tiny thin green hari, with a spiral at the end. It's coming up sideways... at a bout a thirty degree angle... Is this it?!?!

Hooray! I did it!
This is indeed a seedling! Many more should follow. This is a really neat plant even as a seedling: each sucessive leaf will be larger than the last. It will be T form at first, and will eventually show it's dichotomous habit. Two clones of binata that I grow must have crossed and produced seed as I have them in all my pots. Pretty weeds though!
My plant looks like this, but with longer, wider petioles:


Maybe its not rotundifolia?
The first leaves of Drosera Binata do look very similar to Drosera Rotundifolia! The start round then as each leaf progressivly develops they will become oval, then crescent shaped until the typical Y is formed!
You mean they look like this? Kinda like phylodia in a way?
Most of the Australian Droserae all start out with a very similar form: binata, the upright tuberous, rosetted tuberous, and pygmys almost all start with thin petioles and roundish traps (there are some exceptions). They always remind me of little wheels.
Just wanted to report that I also have sproutage...