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Tall and bushy

I drew a blank this morning when trying to plan my spring planting for my patio. Does anyone know which Sundew it is that gets fairly tall and very bush-like. I seem to remember it having an orangish color. I think it was like dichotoma or dichotoma gigantis, I'm not sure, does anyone know which plant I'm talking about?

Also, I was wondering if anyone knows of a drosera that will spread like a sort of like a ground cover? I'm just trying to plan my patio bog I am going to build as soon as it warms up.
The bushy sundew you were talking about is d. binata 'dichotoma giant'. D. capillaris spreads fast and makes a great "ground cover". I may be able to supply you with some of each, especially the capillaris.


D. dichotoam 'giant' is supposed to get bush-like I guess, in fact most of the binata complex can get pretty extensive given the right conditions. D. gigantia would fit the bill to but it is a tuberous.

As for ground cover types, D. spathulata will clump some as will a few of the other rosette species (don't know which off the top of my head.) Pygmies will carpet an area with their gemmae but it'll take a little while.

Best I can do for you. Hope it gives you some ideas

Martin, you are so mean!!! I've been dying to get even a seedling of that plant and you use it as a ground cover???

Ditto what Noah said
Thanks guys, wow that's a really cool picture.
Noah, that would really help out if you could supply me even a little. :biggrin:
I use dilatato-petiolaris as a ground cover.

j/k! lol =D