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HI Guys,

We've had a number of calls lately for printed T-Shirts with our logo... or one of our cartoon logos on the shirt.

We've considered this idea in the past, but couldn't warrant the expense in printing hundreds of shirts without knowing how well they'd go over.

So, what we're thinking about... is a couple things... personalized shirts with a name on them and a logo... front or back or both... They'd be white thick cotton shirts with color logos printed.

I'm just curious... if anyone would be interested in something like this. I just want to gauge interest in the idea... so we could go forward if the interest is in fact there.

Oh, and it wouldn't necessarily have our name on it either... just one of our many cartoons... your choice.

Let me know your thoughts

I would love a shirt with a vft or sundew on it. like one one the side, like where a pocket would be. I would where that to the BACPS meetings
I'd be interested in a shirt for me and I'd also buy them as gifts for some of my plant-adoring friends!
Yes please, just the Exotic Gardens logo nice and large, and maybe petflytrap.com somewhere on it too. I'm sure T shirts would be very popular, especially with us foreign forum members who can't buy your plants.

Vic (U.K.)
Cool! I'd buy one! Put a variety of CP's on there and include a Nepenthes!
Then put Exotic Gardens on it and they'd be perfect!
I'd buy one with drooling plants in the background and a scared-to-death bug running away as fast as he could....
id buy one of each for myself and a ton for my family.would make grrreat stocking stuffers for xmas
thats a fabulous idea phil. go with it!!