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Swamp thing

You know, I've been thinking. Their are a lot of rather cool plants that like to start growing out of new peat and when I sit and look at them I descover I have no idea what the heck 90% of them are.

Has anyone ever gotten a cool plant and found out what it actually was? Or taken a picture of it? I have gotten so many mystery sprouts it would be cool to learn more about these volenters. Proticularly since they likely live side by side with our carnivors. So, anyone?
Well, i have had grass come from LF Shpagnum and a couple small fern things and liverworts from peat.
I have had grass, a D. intermedia (from peat), and a large elephant ears like plant that was growing with my N. merrilliana before one of the pitchers formed on it and destroyed it.
well i have a furn growing in one that i have to keep cutting back and in 3 pots i got something that is growing i don't know what the heck it is. i would post a pic but, the digital camera ate all the batteries up