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SURVEY: What Is your VFTS name(s)? Me first...


apple rings.. what more can i say?
Anteater(he loves ants;))
My friend Matt named his George the clumping cultivar.

weirdest thing, i was thinking of a name to use to ultima online, i picked up my dog named sushi and i started to type with his paws like he was typing his name, and thats what i got, LOL, so i use that
Mines name is Munchie
my typical is called jawz and my dente is called disturbed
Mine shall be known as Cthulhu
I HAD a VFT I named Comerce, its spanish meaning to eat one's self, unfortunaetly he did. It started a trap bit down and ate off the stem of another trap, but it kept happening and soon the plant was toast. LOL, it was sure funny while it lasted. Soon I hope to come across Comerce Mas(to eat one's self more).

I've had my b52 for 8 months now almost 9
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Talk about waking up a zombie thread...is almost 20 years a record?
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My first VFT is Dionea or "Rose" on the right, the second one "Burgundy" on the left
2022-03-23 10.50.34 (Small).jpg
the third one is an Equobia "Microb" > no fantasy there, it's a 4mm plant
2022-04-25 13.33.24.jpg


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