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Support for phlitrapguy...

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I just wanted to start a thread to show the support we will all continue to have for Phil and Exotic Gardens. It's sad to see jaie go... I've had virtual beers with him and bonds just don't get much stronger than that.

Just a short note to let you know Phil, we are all still here for you man.
...right on man.
Phil is a great guy, and he has a great group of people rallying around him. Petflytrap is going to stay, it's going to get better, it's going to grow, and Phil will be the driving force behind it. Count my words... when you look at that man, you look at a being driven to succeed.
I agree that Phil will get it done and keep PFT going, I think it will come out of this change better, but we will need to give him a chance to get everything juggled around and in the right place.

I am saddened by Jeff leaving but I must assume he knows what is best for himself and he will do great in school and beyond.

So Phil - in the grand tradition of the Marine Corps - Semper Fi & kick *** and take names.

we're all here for ya, phil!

I'm sure you will add alot of new plants and books and stuff to make petflytrap even better!

can't wait to see the changes in the forum and the petflytrap store
but it might be a while cause you just added a ton of new plants!
I wonder if you'll get cephalotus in...hmmm....

man I'm bad at this stuff
I hope we are all behind Phil all the way on this...I just know we are. This is such a great group of people here...we are all a big part of what makes Petflytrap work so well. The best thing we can do to keep this wonderful place alive and well is to get along well with one another, tell your friends, teachers, and anyone you know about what a good experience Petflytrap is and how terrific the quality of the merchandise (plants and supplies) is. We are the best promoters of keeping the site and business going strong. We will miss Jeff but hopefully he'll still participate on some level and hang in there with us in between his other pursuits in life. Phil is a terrific guy and totally commited to this place..it was his dream and he's made it his life. We are family!!
Yeah, man!
Dyflam, good of you to point this out.
The family will support one another. Always.
Count me in! I'll back you up any way I can too Phil, and it seems we all agree that we'll do anything we can to help out and make things easier!
But of course we all luv Phillip!  

I hope he knows who to call if he needs help! *wink*

(Any one of us Phil!
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Right ON Parasuco!
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*$$$*$$$$" Gilo94'
( http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Marina/4942/ascii.htm )

No, it's a thumb!

EDIT: ah, oh well...anyway I too completely support you Phil!

BTW, this msg got misplaced in another topic...must be the caffeine
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Another BIG thumbs up Phil!!
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I am in shock that Jeff is gone. I am very confident that you (Phil) will do a fine job. I really do not know what to say (sorry
)...I will try to help as much as I can.


On a side note:
Wow, that is good DE