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Does anyone know another place to buy superthrive other than pft. I would order it from here but i dont want to pay shipping. Do places like Wal-mart, lowes, home depot etc. carry it?
I occasionally see it at like Home Depot, but no where else
Hey... if you want superthrive only.. give us a call.. we can ship it to you for a LOT less than what our online store charges for shipping.

If you're not ordering any live goods, we can just send it out via first class mail. For about a dollar.

AND we now have 4 sizes available... .5 oz 1 oz 2 oz and 4 oz.

So don't let the shipping scare you.

If you want some, just email me pcrane@petflytrap.com or call, we'll hook ya up
You guys are awesome, Thanks for the offer! Our family is going on vacation tomorrow and I am going to be gone for a while. So if I don't find any in a store while I am on vacation. I will e-mail you.
My local Wal-Mart has em.
Does it really work?