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Superthrive effects on nepenthes

I used Superthrive on my Nepenthes after i repoted it, but im not quite sure if it was ok to use Superthrive on it, Could someone share with me some experiences using SuperThrive on CPs specially Nepenthes?
Superthrive contains vitamins which act as a root stimulant. Using Superthrive on your Nepenthes after repotting is fine. You can also soak the roots in a solution of Superthrive before planting. I used a Superthrive mixture when I potted some bare root Nepenthes.

Too much superthrive can cause an outbreak of algea on the surface of the potting mixture.

Hope that helps.
I used to use it but it isn't necessary, ST isn't real nutrients, only vitamins and hormones so I don't know if you could actually hurt your plant with it when using it in reasonable amounts. I quit using it after seeing that plants will root whether I soak them in the "miracle" juice or not (I do think their packaging is hilarious).
In low doses it's OK for neps to use during cuttings and transplanting as it's supposed to help plants recover from shock. If you use a lot of it or use it too often you could possibly cause the plant to stop pitchering for a while.
Superthrive is bad.  My bank manager says so  

We trialed it years ago using hundreds of seedlings and cuttings and came to the conclusion that it did absolutely nothing for us. However, it's impossible to be definitive since perhaps under your conditions it may supply something that our plants are receiving from some other source.  There's such a complex biochemical interaction going on around roots that even the particular microbial activity in your particular potting media at that particular pH may have a great effect on rooting.  Superthrive may help in your case, or it may just alter the conditions in favor of harmful pathogens.  Who knows?!

Anybody having success with Trichoderma?
Thanks for the good practical info. Most of us Landscape contractors scoff at adding B-12 when planting, but I felt obligated to try with my Neps
because of what "everyone" says.
Actually, Superthrive may be worth buying just for the packaging. It's the best read since whoever wrote the sales pitch for snake oil!
Super Thrive's packaging is so much cheesy hype, you should only be able to buy it at carnivals off the back of a covered wagon sold by a guy in a loud striped suit ...
Or receive it as a prize if you knock over three milk bottles with a baseball!

As for myself, I didn't buy it based on the packaging, people were telling me that it was so good for neps and orchids so I went out to find some and wasn't too sure when I saw the packaging. No other fertilizer (or rather plant supplement) I own seems to feel the need to do all the goofy hype. It is a cool bottle to show other people though!
I wouldn't say it's a miracle potion but I think it helped some of my highlands acclimatise to lowland conditions.

The two highlands doing fine are N.emmarene (ventricosa x khasiana) and alata.

No effect on ventricosaXmaxima (normal leaf growth without pitchers.)

I use ST once in 3 months.

I have the stuff(I don't always use it), but what you did seems to me a good indication of it's effects.
I thought it helped bare- rooted plants I received aclimate, but it may just be soaking the roots in a watery solution for a half-hour that maybe helped, lol. Most Nepenthes roots are black and brittle on the plants I receive, as opposed to black and fleshy on, say, a Drosera.


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Black and brittle sounds a bit odd to me.  Black and soft with white tips to each root should be the norm.  If it has the white tips, then it's sure not to be infected with any root rot fungi.
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Maybe I explained it poorly, but then again, maybe I have received lousy plants,lol, cough, cough.
Many TC plants I have received seemed to have a large net of thin, black roots, but they were pretty fine(and amazingly long for such small plants-I have received rooted cuttings of large plants that had smaller root bundles).