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Dear all,

I was wondering if anyone here knows if there's a chemical that could make a vft grow faster?


ok ( sorry , I just cut and pasted this from someone else that I answered ) But I will add something more at the bottom!

I was wanting to end the last post...there was just too much information to keep going...

So now you have come to the Tea and Eggwhites

Although I have not played with giving my plants eggwhites ( that would be the clear part of the egg-just not the yolk- the yellow part )

Many people have...

They suggest do NOT give to Nepenthes ...the pitchers can't handle it.

However you can do this for the Sundews, Butterworts, VFT's and Sarracenia.

You boil an egg. Take only the white part. LITTLE PIECES ONLY- not too much.

Then feed your plant with it.

The only problem with the VFt's are they need continued movement to start the digestive process. So I am about to conduct a little test on mine. This is what I plan to do:

Feed it the eggwhite ( not too much !! )

2-3 times a day...I am going to 'giggle' the trap ( to make the plant think that it is a bug ). I am hoping it works. As I am looking for more ways NOT TO KILL any bugs.

The Tea:

You need:

a cheese cloth or pantyhose
a plastic container of some kind ( milk jug tea pitcher that is clear )
Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Pack the peat moss into the panty hose or cheescloth. ( Like you are making a TEA BAG )

Then fill the pitcher/jug up with water.

Place the 'tea bag' in the water.

Sit it outside and allow to 'brew'

This will create water with great acidic content ( since the peat moss is very acidic )

Feed this water to your plant.

By doing this you have just 'goosed' the soil with more acidity. The plant will love it! This is a great thing to do in place of repotting ( which I try my best to talk people out of


This is something that people have also played with ( I have too, but haven't noticed much difference with my plants )

You can find it at almost every garden center...it is in a little brown bottle with a yellow label.

You can mix it up at 1/4 the strength the directions say...too much will hurt the plant. Very weak is best. Then you can get a Q-tip and dab a little in the mouth of the Flytrap.

Many people have had great success with doing this.

Hope this helps!
Give it a try somtime when you have the time!
Aug 9, 2001
To feed flytraps things that aren't alive, first stick it in to trigger the trap and then gently squeeze the trap every ten minutes for the first hour or so, this will more the trigger hairs. After an hour or so the trap should stay shut as by this time the insect is usually dead.

Jaie, you mentioned a way of applying Superthrive I might try. The one about dabbing the inner surface of a trap with an ST solution on a Q-tip. Have you tried this yourself? I think the only hurdle would be fungus rotting the closed trap. And the things in ST aren't at all like what VFTs are used to i.e. insects. Insects don't contain vitamins and hormones!
Not to mention they generally don't look, smell, or taste as as gross as ST.
But it's good stuff!
Aug 24, 2001
Eastern Washington
Wouldn't it be cool if you could just farm insects on a diet that somehow tricks them into consuming superthrive? Then you could feed the bug to a trap and viola! A bug that DOES provide vitamins and hormones. Just trying to be difficult. hehe.