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A. vesiculosa (Japan)

B. reducta

B. liniflora

C. follicularis

D. californica
D. californica (Florence, OR)

D. muscipula
D. muscipula ‘Big Mouth’
D. muscipula ‘Big Vigorous’
D. muscipula ‘Fang’
D. muscipula ‘Giant’
D. muscipula ‘Green Dragon’
D. muscipula ‘Long Red Fingers’
D. muscipula ‘Low Giant’
D. muscipula ‘Pink Venus’
D. muscipula ‘Red Dragon’
D. muscipula ‘Red-Green’
D. muscipula ‘Vigorous’
D. muscipula ‘Yellow’

D. adelae
D. adelae ‘Red’
D. alicea
D .anglica (HI x CA)
D. auriculata
D. binata
D. binata (Coromandel, NZ)
D. binata ‘Extrema’
D. binata ‘Small Red’
D. brevifolia
D. burmanii
D. burmanii (Beerwah, Queensland)
D. burmanii "Piliga Red"
D. capensis
D. capensis ‘Alba’
D. capensis ‘Red’
D. capensis ‘Wide Leaf’
D. capillaris
D. callistos f. Brookton
D. x ‘Carbarup’ (nitidula spp. nitidula x occidentalis)
D. dielsiana
D. ericksoniae
D. ericksoniae x. pulchella
D. filiformis
D. filiformis ssp. filiformis
D. filiformis ‘All Red’
D. filiformis ssp. trayci (Buck Pond)
D. hamiltonii
D. x. ‘Hybrida’
D. indica
D. indica (NSW Australia)
D. intermedia
D. intermedia 'Brookville, NJ'
D. intermedia ‘Carolina Giant’
D. intermedia (Cuba)
D. intermedia (Myrtle Beach, SC)
D. intermedia (Venezuela)
D. x. ‘Lake Badgerup’ (occidentalis x nitidulla)
D. lantana
D. macrantha ssp. macrantha
D. madagascariensis (Botswana)
D. nidiformis
D. nidiformis ‘Red’
D. nitidula ssp. allantostigma
D. nitidula ssp. allantostigma x. ericksoniae
D. nitidula ssp. nitidula
D. nitidula ssp. nitidula x. pygmea
D. nitidula ssp. nitidula x. pygmea (South Coast)
D. nitidula ssp. omissa
D. nitidula ssp. omissa x. pulchella
D. occidentalis spp. Occidentalis
D. palecea ssp. roseana
D. palecea ssp. stelliflora
D. petiolaris
D. peltata
D. pulchella (1 pot of plants)
D. pulchella (Pink Flower)
D. pulchella x. nitidula “Large Pink Flower”
D. pygmaea (Eastern States)
D. regia
D. regia ‘Big Easy’
D. rotundifolia 'Eastman, NH'
D. rotundifolia 'Brookville, NJ'
D. schizandra
D. scorpiodes
D. sessilifolia
D. slackii
D. x. ‘Snyderi’
D. spatulata
D. spatulata ‘Alba’
D. spatulata (Fraser Island)
D. tokaiensis
D. venusta var. coccicaulis

D. lusitanica (Southern Spain)

G. hispidula

H. minor
H. nutans
H. heterodoxa x. minor
H. heterodoxa x. nutans

I. lutea

N. alata
N. ampullaria 'Green'
N. bicalcarata (Sri Aman)
N. bongso
N. bellii
N. campanulata
N. x. ‘Coccinea’
N. fusca
N. x. ‘Gentle’
N. gracilis ’Nigrapurpurea’
N. insignis
N. x. ’Judith Finn’ (veitchii x spathulata)
N. lowii
N. macfarlanei
N. mira
N. x. ‘Morganiana’
N. rafflesiana
N. rajah
N. x. ‘Rokko’
N. sanguinea
N. sanguinea x. truncata
N. sibuyanensis
N. x. ‘Superba’ x (spathulata x maxima)
N. x. ‘Ventrata’ (ventricosa x alata)
N. ventricosa
N. ventricosa (red x green)

P. agnata x. moranensis var. caudata
P. ehlersiae
P. esseriana
P. filifolia
P. x. ‘John Rizzi’
P. lusitanica
P. moranensis
P. moranensis var. 'Fraser' x. (esseriana x. 'Weser')
P. planiflolia
P. primuliflora
P. rectifolia
P. x. ‘Sethos’
P. 'sethos' x. moranensis 'Fraser'
P. sp. Pico de Orizaba
P. sp. Santa Maria, Yucuhiti

P. louisianaica

S. alata
S. alata ‘Black Tube’
S. flava
S. flava ‘Red Tube’
S. x. ’Judith Hindle’
S. leucophylla
S. leucophylla ‘Red’
S. leucophylla ‘Tarnok’
S. minor
S. minor 'Jacksonville, Fl'
S. minor (Long County, GA)
S. oreophila (Sand Mountain)
S. purpurea ssp. venosa
S. psittacina
S. rubra ssp. alabamensis-AL001
S. rubra ssp. alabamensis AL002
S. rubra ssp. alabamensis AL003
S. rubra ssp. gulfensis
S. rubra ssp. gulfensis ‘Red’
S. rubra ssp. jonesii (Etowah Bog, Henderson County, NC)
S. rubra ssp. jonesii (McClure’s Bog, Henderson County, NC)
S. rubra ssp. jonesii “Heterophylla” (Etowah Bog, Henderson County, NC)
S. rubra ssp. rubra
S. rubra ssp. wheryii (Mobile County, AL)
S. rubra ssp. wheryii ‘Red’ (Baldwin County, Alabama)
S. rubra ssp. wheryii “Stocky Form” (Escambia County, Atmore, Alabama)
S. rubra ssp. wheryii “Yellow Flower Form” (Baldwin County, AL)
S. x. wrigleyana ’Scarlet Belle’

U. alpina
U. bisquamata
U. calycifida
U. dichotoma (Turoa, NZ)
U. foliosa
U. gibba
U. gibba (Duval County, FL)
U. gibba (Sawgrass Country Club)
U. gramifolia
U. humboldtii
U. inflata
U. inflata (Jacksonville, FL)
U. livida 'Color Varient' (white flower)
U. livida (Durban, South Africa)
U. longifolia
U. macrorhiza (Plumas County, CA)
U. monanthos
U. multifida
U. nephrophylla
U. sandersonii
U. sandersonii ‘Blue Flower’
U. subulata
U. tricolor

That's All Folks!...For now!

Oh gosh, and your profile says you are 13
when I was 13, I only had my Dad's Venus flytrap

thanks for the comments. I have been doing a lot of trading and even more buying. I really want to order from wistuba, but that's in october. Can't wait! I am ordering TONS of helis.:p
Hi Sunpitcher,

What conditions have you been growing the P.filifolia in?
I'll ask Tre. I am getting it in the spring in a trade
I hope that you do realize that a growlist is what you are currently growing and not what you are getting in the future. This is like counting your chickens before they hatch...
so if you order something, you have to wait until it gets here to add it?
Yep! It would be a bit embarrassing to tell someone that you have a plant you will trade them, then have that plant get lost in the mail or die from shipping shock after you recieve it. It doesn't happen often, but according to Murphy it will most likely happen at the worst possible time.

I usually don't add a plant until I am sure it's actually going to grow for me.
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]I am addicted to trading/buying

Don't worry, Alex, we all are...

Holy cow is that a massive growlist. Don't tell me you ordered all those plants in one go...
  • #10
I am with BCK. I usally add the plant after it arrives and I know that it is going to survive.
  • #11
I just take it off it if doesn't make it, and no I didn't order it in one go! lol:)

I don't trade until I have it though:p