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Sundews Sending Up Shoots

my spathulata are sending up these long thin shoots that are verticle,i just got them not long ago and replanted them in my terrarium.could these be flowering? any help would be appreciated.
Yes they are flowers.

Cutting them off is optional. I always leave mine on and never see a problem with them.
I've read somewhere that allowing VFT's to flower will kill the plant. So this is not the case with sundews? I'm concerned because my sundew has a stalk that's right about to flower, and if keeping the flower won't harm the plant, I'd love to keep it. thanks.

It is not the case with sundews. Let it flower and collect the seeds if possible. I'm sure some of the experts here can tell you how to do that.
Some species can get stressed by flowering but not any of the common ones that i've heard of. So don't worry.
and how do i collect the seeds?
Collect the seeds 2-3 weeks after the last flower bud has stood up. If they don't open, you wil still get seed. The pods will be brown by then. Cut the scape, and put in a paper envelope at room temp. The pods will dry out and release their seed. Lable the envelope immediately and also include the date harvested. after the seed is visable in the envelope transfer it to a smaller envelope like stamp collectors use, lable and store in the fridge in cool dry conditions.