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Sundew tourists

Hi everybody! Some of you will remember my questions about which sundews I could grow in Hawaii. Thanks again, by the way, for all the great answers some of you provided.

It's been months since I got my shipment of 'tropical' sundews. Here's a quick note on how they are doing in a Hawaiian climate.

D. 'Botswana': Looking good! The 'vine' is growing very well.

D. 'Marston Dragon': The only 'dew that isn't doing so well. It and D. multifidia looked like they were going to croak a couple of months after I got them. But they are putting up new shoots now. 'Marston Dragon' is very sickly looking, poor thing! But multifidia is making a huge come back.

D. adelae: Don't know what happened with this little guy. At first it was thriving, better than all the other sundews. Then, recently, it 'exploded', and instead of one big healthy plant, I have 5 small ones in the pot. What the heck is going on?

D. capensis(narrow leaf): Someone described this species to me as an unkillable weed. That certainly is turning out to be true! Not only are they thriving like mad, new capensis are turning up in my other species pots! I keep all my 'dews in a single aquarium, where all the pots are sharing the same water. But beats me how capensis is invading the other pots, they aren't physically touching each other.

D. petiolaris: Alive and growing, but looks a little unhappy. Kind of a yellowish color instead of a nice light green.

Anyway, that's it for my update. I'd say more, but it's late and I don't want to disturb the family mucking around the 'dew tank:) My report so far: You can definitely grow sundews in Hawaiian style climate:)

Thanks much for the update! Regarding the D. binata: give it lots of water. it really likes it very wet. Your D. adelae sounds like the main plant died for some reason (they often do) and new plants have come up from the roots. As for the D. petiolaris all I can say is they definitely don't like being froze solid. So whatever you do, don't let them freeze where you are. Sniff.