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Sundew has changed?

this is a dew i got from lowes-i have had it for acouple months and was doing good and in the past couple days the leaves look dried out?? i have done nothing different to the plant- could the furnace in the house be causing this? my other types of dews are doing fine... any ideas? its the dew that lowes sells
There is no photo, but as I reall the species you have is D. adelae. This species requires very high humidity, near 100% especially if the plant is stressed as your appeared to be. Lowes is infamous for their mistreatment of the plants they sell, so it may be yours was watered with bad water, fertilizer, or has other problems not necessairly from your own culture of the plant. Keep in in lower light, at 100% humidity and in wet conditions. If the rosette dies, transplant the roots into clean fresh mix and keep it in a zip lock bag under the above conditions and it should regrow from the roots.
Hey Tamlin - i hoped you would be the one to answer me- i asked you about this dew a month ago and gave it wetter conditions like you told me and it came back and grew well. but like you said maybe it struggled for so long that it is worn out now? i was keeping it on a window sill so maybe the heat from the furnace and cool window made it unhappy- this is a picky plant? like i said my other dew don't mind the window sill. also my intermedia needs dormancy right? cause i know the lowes dew and my capenis and spat don't need to be put to sleep. how did you lights setup workout ...

thanks Jeff
Jeff, do you know what variety the intermedia is?

If you have a furnace and you want to keep the plant out of a terrarium I would suggest getting a small humidifier and using near the location of your dews. The furnace will dry out the air.

My son is very asthmatic and we have to have humidifiers going all over the house, plus a major unit attached to the furnace itself, because the air dries to much in the winter. AH, actually my daughter has also been diagnosed with asthma as of last winter. Sheesh! If you lose this dew let me know. I have a few extra adelae right now.
Hey Copper - yeah i also have a humid built in my furnace but it is set on what the other people had it one when i bought the house so i have no clue how it should be working? haha- my other dews are always very sticky so they are fine. hmm not sure on the exact type of dews i have family wise? i got them from mark-(ozzy) can't remeber but i was sure he said just the intermedia i have needed dormancy - it is red and has shorter leaves then the capenis- one capenis i have is all green with white due the other is all red and my spat looks just like the one petflytrap sells except mine is one plant. thats to bad about your kids.... that would not be fun...

also thanks for the offer i will let ya know