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Sundew getting smaller & smaller & smaller

I've had this sundew (Spathulata) for almost 2 years now, and the top rosette (the living part) keeps getting smaller and smaller. It now looks like a pyramid with a big brown base and a small green tip.

I'm wondering if I can cut off the green portion from the top and lay it directly on the soil - will it root? I just don't want the plant to shrink to oblivion. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Leo
I'm not sure about the plant rooting itself again in that exact sense, but there is a huge chance that you'll get at least one plantlet from it.

Spatulata readily propagates from leaf cuttings, so you could use any remaining leaves to make more plants.
You could also consider repotting into fresh clean mix. Take uo the plant and remove all the mix from the roots, and all the dead leaves, and then repot the plant. D. spatulata frequently goes "dormant" after a couple of years, and can return from the roots, often producing additional rosettes, so don't give up on it too soon.
yea, my spatulata have this nasty habit also. Just dig up (like what Tamlin is saying), pull off all dead leaves and repot. This will give the newer leaves more room to absorb like, etc. My plans love to throw out multiply points rally close to eachother, those making a 4sided plant lol.
my spathulata does this too! it get smaller and smaller, then, out of nowhere, is big again! you should see the pattern of dead leaves... it looks pretty cool
Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I'm gonna try repotting - never really thought of that, although it seems obvious in retrospect. Let's see how it goes