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Sundew arrived but there seems to be a problem

Hi I'm a new member to the Discussion Form and I have a question concerning my Sundew. I had my Sundew for 2 days and it was doing fine untill It started looking willty and burnt. Is this a common thing for sundews to do or should I be concerned?

If you want me to send picture ask of what its looking like just ask

Hi Len,
Second: a pic would (maybe) help us a little. Do you know what kind of sundew (Drosera) you have? How are you growing it (what medium, light, temp and humidity)? How long was it in the mail (could just be transport shock)?

Thought it would be simple, didn't ya?
Hi LenG444!  Welcome to the forums!

If you recieved your dew through the mail, then you are likely seeing symptoms of shipping shock as well as it's trying to get used to a new environment that is likely drier than the green house it grew in.  If you bought it at a local store then it could be showing signs of environmental stress and or mineral build up in the soil from tap water being used to water it.  I doubt the last though as it usually takes several weeks for mineral build up to start causing problems unless the water is very hard.

The treatment for shipping/environment stress is easy.  First cover the plant to reduce water loss through the leaves.  Next place it in a spot that gets bright indirect light.  When the plant has recovered you can begin removing the cover for longer periods over several weeks until the plant can do without it.  Do the same process for getting it into direct sunlight.  The more gradually you can make these changes, the better the plant will handle them.  Keep in mind also, that come summer you may have to move it out of the direct light.

For mineral build up rinse the soil thoroughly with purified water.  The purified water can be distilled, RO, or rain water/melted snow.  Just not yellow snow

A pic would help in verifing this.
Its a small Sundew but here is a picture


OK Maybe Tripod Won't Work lets try ATT

Sorry About the Big Pic
kinda a blurry pic, but it looks like it is burned from too strong of sunlight and too low humidity. always make sure there is water on the tray. It doesn't look too good, that's also what my Drosera adelae looked like when it had root rot, but I highly doubt this is what yours has. Keep it in bright, indirect sunlight, mist it every day, several times each day, and you will see it start to recover.
(I hope! )
Hope I could help,
hmmm...... Do you think because I live in South Florida and its too hot?
Current Temp as of March 2nd at 9:20 am Eastern Time 80 Deg Faren and Humidity at 81%

Are these good conditions?
The temp isn't a problem but direct sunlight probably is. Keep it in the shade for now and it might recover.
D.adelae should be grown in the shade(50%-70%). Direct sun can burn the leaves, especially when the plant has been grown in shaded conditions before.
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And I believe we are all assuming that you are following the basics of CP culture:

Water: mineral free, distilled or de-ionized

Media: peat moss, sand, sphagnum, perlite -- moistened with only the above mentioned water.

Air: good air circulation while maintaning humidity of 60% or above

Humidity: 60% or higher
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Yes I do believe so that I'm doing everything correct.

Humidity in Florida is always high so that can't be a problem.
I perosnely think it went through shock.