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Sundew Adelea

hey all, i just got a sundew adelea, its so awsome! when it grows a bit more my brother likes them alot, and i read that they set up little babies, how is it that i can plant more adeleas with this one i have? i think phlitrapguy said that when you see a little one growin out pick it out and plant in different pot, i was in a rush so if anyone could explain how i can plant more please say so, thanks!
Cut off the end of the leaf and put it on wet peat moss, it should sprout within weeks. This will work for almost any sundew.

OK, today i finally did it, i cut a leafe off and put it in moist schultz canadian sphagnum peat moss like 90% and 10% perlite

i took the part i cut from and placed it in the moss with the other end sticking up, like a handicaped leafe =D

but when i watered it a lilttle more the top end went down into the soil a bit and ithink taht is fine, DAMNIT I WISH I HAD A DIGITAL CAMERA!

to show you guys

now hopefuly in a week or so it will grow a brand new adelae

and i can have it in the garage next to the TV when my dad is in there watching TV and it will catch all the little pesky mosquito like thingies
You should also look uner the plant. Sometimes there are little babies hiding out.

Just be gentle with the plant.
hey jaie

ye ai looked under it and tehre WERE babies, but i didnt want to cut em cus i was trying to be careful and not hurt the plant

so i just took a cutting from the leafe

with the babies i just like cut them off close to the soil and plant it?
i guess just take a toothpick or something and lift the leaves up, i did taht last night and i saw babie ones growing =D