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Such a thing


God must have an interesting sense of humor
I was wondering if there is such a thing as a sarracenia tarnok. I don't even know why there would be such a thing, but there could be and it be a hybrid.
Hi Wesley,
There is; it is Sarracenia leucophylla cv 'Tarnock' which has a mutant flower. The petals and sepals are fused to create a spectacular bloom. The pitchers are just like any average leucophylla
Here's a photo of the flowers for you:

Hey could you post a picture of the pitcher its self? I would really appreciate that.
Thanks you guys I have identified my plant and now I am wondering, how old does the plant need to be before it flowers?
Plants grown from seed take around 5 years to flower, it can take less or longer time depending on how it's being cared for. I've heard numerous times that seedlings grown in long fibered sphagnum mature at a faster rate. I haven't tried it myself but perhaps somebody could comment on this?
When I got my plant it had I think two or three pitchers and a very small ryzhome (sp?) Does that help any?