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Stupid question

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N=R* fs fp ne fl fi fc L
I was just curious, what is the difference between P. mor. cuadata and cuadata var 'Longwood'? Is it a location name or something more subtle than that?

I use the name P.  moranensis var. caudata to refer to the clone of P. moranensis I bought from Adrian Slack 20 years ago, when he sold them under the old name, P. caudata. I think there is a Longwood Gardens in the US, presumably this is a clone of the same species from there.

I know (Savage Garden and internet), that various similar clones in the US have letter designations (eg. A and G), but we don't use these in the UK, so I can't make a very good comparison of my plants with them.


LOL Travis,

Did you get one from the elderly lady at LACPS? I got one from her misspelled in the same manner. It's Pinguicula moranensis var. caudata 'Longwood', and she says it originally came from the Longwood Gardens.
Oops. That typo was my own foolish move but I will pawn it off on the fact that I only got 2 hours of sleep that night.

Thanks for clearing up the nature of the plant though