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Stratifying d.intermedia.

Hi,I recently recieved some d.intermedia seeds from schloaty. My question is how long should I Stratif d.intermedia seeds?.
It really depends on whether it is a temperate form, such as D. Intermedia 'New Jersey' or a tropical such as D. Intermedia 'Cuba'. Do you know if it is tropical or temperate?

I generally cold stratify the seed by just keeping it in the fridge for a few weeks. This seems to do the trick. I don't find that wet stratification is needed as with Sarracenia. I sow my seeds in middle December after the daylength begins to lengthen again. By spring I have small plants that are ready to go outdoors in late April.
Will,do you have any sogestions(sp) for sowing sarrs?(I think I killed the 100s of seeds of s.gulfensis spec sent me by not sterilizing the media,and do not want to make the same mistake with the hybrid seeds from sarracenia.) Thanks pond-boy.
William, if you please :) (but I have become attached to Tamlin, lol). As to the question, I rarely have sown Sarracenia seed. The best place to ask would be the Pitcher Plant Forum.

Whenever anyone call me "Will" I feel like that kid on Lost In Space.......