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Strange ball growth

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
thanks for any help...  this strange growth comes just after seperating two plants...   you can see the whole two plants here


Thanks, Andrew
What you have is a flower bud.

Here is one of mine from the beginning of the year.

awww... my first purp flower...
(and second sarr flower) thanks Nick!
Taking another look at your first photo, it kinda looks like an alien baby forming.
Congrats Andrew! Unfortunately my Purps didn't flower this years. maybe next year though.

to be more specific, it looks like a baby zergling forming. (inside joke)
yeah, being that it's not on any type of a stalk. just a ball right of the middle of the growth point, i really didn't know what to think.
cool , i ahve never had sarrs actually floer , i had an s. x excellens that was trying to make a flower but the bud died and soon after that the whole plant died , too bad , it was a really beutiful sarracenia . post pictures of that flowers when it blooms .