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Strang Growth

After feeding two pitchers with meal worms, my plant start growing strangely. the leaves are beginning to grow long. Is this normal?
I was just about to post a topic about my N. Ventricosa producing small leaves. But there are already 2 topics apropriatly titled "Strange Growth" (btw eplants you spelled it wrong) that were just posted today.

Thats funny, all 3 cases have something to do with Ventricosa. 2 species and one hybrid. Maybe Ventricosa's of the world are evolving into something!... j/k

Hopefully longer leaves is the result of your plants enjoying thier meal. How big is you Ventricosa? Have you changed anything in caring for the plant? In lower light my neps seem to make longer leaves during my move.

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My plant isn' that big. It's about 4 inches in diameter and the pitchers are about one inch.
I have seen a similar thing happen to my plants but it wasn't after I fed them (I'm too lazy to go and get something to feed them). I got some free plugs of a plant that was started from seed (A mutt but it's almost certainly 'RaffxAmp') and once they got in my terrarium their new leaves have nearly triple in size. The pitchers are about 1.5 times as large as the original tho so I'm not to worried. Is this caused by lack of light or am I doing something right. :cool: :confused: