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Sticky Stuff

Hello everybody,
I just recently purcheased a D. capensis and only the leaves that are knew and growing have the sticky goo stuff, not the leaves that were already on it when I bought it.

Will the older leaves produce that sticky stuff?
or just the new one that are forming right know?
The mucilage(I like using this word)must have dried off the older leaves during shipment. That's also happened to me, and the goo never came back. This may vary from sundew to sundew. I have a filiformis 'all red' that lost its mucous during shipment, and had regained most of it within a week. Anyone else had this sort of thing happen? Strange topic!

I have had the problem with the D. Staphulata....

I just got the humidity way up in the area that I grow them and they all got their 'dew' (you say tomato) back.

They same thing has happened when I did that with all of my Pings.

I feel sorry for any bug that comes neat them...NO CHANCE >=)
Hey jaie,
Thanks for the tip. The plants I mentioned were windowsill-grown, so no wonder I had a 'dew dilemma'. hahaha I had 'mucous matters' or how about the 'goo grievance'? ooh sorry...

I have had plants on a window sill...I just put a dome over them ( just be careful about the 'fry-factor'). just something that will GOOSE the humidity.
I have played with different plants and increasing the humidty..everything has done better with more. Although they did ok with less.
Sure I'll find a way to try that. The domes would have to hold plenty of humidity(duh!), but still have adequate ventilation e.g. holes punched into them.
I will try to take a picture and post it of what I have had happen to the plants when I did that.
Porsche Guy, being an aquarium keeper you might actually have a leg up on these guys for creating humidity... cheap trick if you have lots of old aquarium junk laying around...

Get a deep bowl od distilled water, and drop a VERY FINE air stone into it, attatched obviously, to a spare air pump you have lying around... put the bowl near your sundew, and make sure it doesn't splatter all over the plant...

The air coming out of the water will be very humid because of how finely it was broken up by the air stone, this can raise the humidity in a terrarium 10 100% easily within a few hours, but is ungainly and ugly compared to an ultrasonic humidifier... but any how, if you need to raise humidity temporarily aroudn a plant, give it a whirl.
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WOW Ram puppy I actually have had this in my terrium since the begining I also dropped a 50 watt heater in there and keeps the tank nice and warm.
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great minds think alike huh!?