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Sticky dew droplets due to humidity?


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My humidity here is 65-90% on average. That does not seem very high but leather shoes that are not worn, turn mouldy in a week or two and biscuits left on the table goes soggy in a couple of hours!

But the strange phenomenon I observed is that droseras grown in tropical weather here do not have as much dew as their kind in temperate countries. They tend to be drier here when the humidity is higher. And that they suffer from root rot more easily.

Any insights?
Hi Cindy, I live in South Florida, which is the humidity capital of U.S.  My Drosera, Capillaris, Hybrida and Filiforms Red produce copious amounts of "dew".  So much so that each is festooned with the tiny dead bodies of every little knat and fruit fly in the area...looks like a macabre Xmas tree.  I keep them outdoors in full sun.
Your humidity sounds very good. Are you growing your plants outside or indoors? Drosera are high light plants. Other issues might be lack of air circulation resulting in a funal attack of the leaf glands; if your plants have a pink dry look this is an indication of fungal involvement. The other issues involve mineral contamination, either in the mix itself or in the water you are using. Most Drosera are very sensitive regarding water hardness.

So, in short, grow them in high light, with 40% or above humidity with good air circulation, in a clean medium of 50/50 peat moss/washed SILICA quatrz sand, and stand pots in trays containing pure distilled or rain water. Outside growing is always optimal, providing you acclimate them slowly over a few weeks to prevent sunburn if thay have been growing inside.

This general protocol should give you beautiful plants.
Hi Cindy,

I also live in South Florida and the average humidity is always around 70% or higher. I am currently growing Intermedia Florida and D.adelae. The Intermedia produces ALOT of Dew But I have the same problem with dew production with the D.adelae. It doesn't seem to want to produce dew at the same level as the Intermedia. I also mist them when the humidity goes below 50%.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
D.adelae grows better under shading than in full sun. This sp. likes high humidity, preferable above 70%.