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Sterilizing peat

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Hi everyone,

I am planning to sterilize peat to use for seeds/cuttings etc. of cps. Is there any way to do this besides boiling it? Will the microwave work(I am guessing not)? Thanks for any help.
you can use your microwave
but there is a better and easy way if the sun is shineing
put the peat in plastic bags (clear or black) and put them out at the sun it would heat up to temp that would sterilze it.
Not much sun around this week. I will try the microwave. Thanks for the help
Just a cautionary note.  Don't over zap the peat or it will scorch.  Not a nice smell
!  Took near two weeks to get the smell out of my microwave
!  Might try it again, though if I need to smoke treat some seeds for germination.  A little scorched peat might do the trick.
As a follow up to BCK's comment, if the peat is wet it is less likely to scorch plus you get the added effect of water turning into steam which has a higher heat capacity and so adds to the sterilization effect (although truth be told, the microwaves are probably going to take care of it all
Aside from using the microwave, which I frequently do. I also use a pressure cooker, stainless steel. I make the peat into a sopping mud like consistency and then cook it in the pressure cooker for about 30-40 minutes at 20 PSI.

Afterwards I rinse the peat with plenty of pure water until the peat rinse water runs under 10ppm.