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I am thinkng of getting a stanhopea nigroviolacea. Does anyone have any stanhopeas? I looking for tips and growing stanhopeas.
Hi - Here's a link to Nina Rach's Stanhopea Pages - http://houstonorchidsociety.org/Stanhopea/
and here's one to the AOS's culture sheet list, one of which is for Stans - http://orchidweb.org/culture.html.

I've had Stans, but have traded them all away.  I love their form, but they take up too much of my limited space.  I grow their smaller and less demanding of light cousins; Gongoras.  The number one issue with all of these is they must be grown in a basket because the inflorescence usually if not always grows through the potting mix and blooms beneath the plant.  Stans do it even more than Gongoras.  If you have the space, you've picked a nice Stan.  By the way, it's often called Stan. tigrina var. nigroviolacea because many consider it to be a darker form of Stan. tigrina.  Good luck.  Bruce