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Sri lanka !?!?

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seems that I will get a job in Sri lanka (next to the Indian sea :) ) from march till July 2003.

So I would highly appreciate some tipps about the country, native carnivorous plants and so on...
If there are any cp growers I would be very interested to watch their collections. Should be very differnt groeing methods compared to the cold Germany.

WOW! I know where your going to be spending your days when not working!

Borneo Exotics (Pvt) Ltd.:
Rob Cantley
262 B/5 Millagahawatta
Hokandara Road
Sri Lanka

I think you got a roomy coming your way Rob LOL

PS.. any room in your luggage for a stowaway Martin?
just to be noisey what kind of job did you get
ok, "job" is propably a bit to much...

It's the second practical semester(?) which I have to do during my study. I'm studiing environmental engeniering and I will do some work at trying some substitudes for peat (for comercial gardening and houseplants, especially interesting for cps, where you need lots of peat)
I also want to work on a project for ecological tourism and want to plan, make and try an intersting path / tour where tourists can get some information about Sri Lanka's flora and fauna and ecological resources.

I don't know excatly what I will have to do and it still is not 100% sure if I get the job but it looks quite good at the moment.

Congrats Martin! Hope you like hot steamy climates!!!


N distillatoria is native to Sri Lanka, but that's basically all that I know.

I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun there.
Just moving this to the Foreign CP Resource Forum.
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