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Spider Mites!

I have a spider mite infestation from my hydrangea and I don't know if you can spray carnivorous plants down with soapy water like you do for ohter plants. I don't like to do the unnatural way, (hippy parents) but I'll do what it takes. Anyone know anythin' about it?
Hold the plant upside down over water, spray the #### out of it with distilled water, repeat 2 times a week.
Thankyou cephalotus, how long do I need to spray it for?
Ha stupid question huh. Don't answer I know. Until they're gone. Make mental note think before posting.
there is no such thing as a stupid ?

Anyways, once they are all gone, the adults atleast, keep at it for another week or so because you want to get all the tiny babies and eggs off too.
Hey thank you again for the info. This site is wonderful.
i think i have herd before you can put the whole plant under water for like a day or two as sometimes happens in the wild.. durring this the pests will die... someone please post if they have herd/tried this...
Yes it works ( i have done it b4 ).

Just put in a bowl of distilled water....keep away from the other plants, and leave it submerged for 2 days.

That really should take care of the problem.