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spathulata seeds

Putting sundew seeds in the fridge is to stratify them right? What exactly does that do? How long should one do that for?

I've collected a whole bunch of seeds from my spathulata and tried planting some of them in a 50/50 mixture of peat and sand, and have the others chilled. They aren't growing at all, and its been a month or so. Should I use ground moss and sand instead? Any recommendations for growing?

ps anyone want to trade seeds?
spathulata is a semi-tropical to tropical drosera that doesnt need any cold treatment for seeds to germinate. I would scatter seeds over a mix of peat and sand and keep the damp soil in a humid and bright place. milled sphagnum seems to work as well as peat, so i would say ethier works, but why pay more for milled?
You need moisture AND frigidity to stratify seeds...... Putting them in the fridge just preserves them for a bit longer...

You didnt bury the seeds did u? And you didnt pour water all over the survace of the soil, right? They are small, and they can get washed away...
ok. When I planted them, it was as if they had just fallen from the stock (they did). I've been watering them from below and I didnt bury them. I had them covered with plastic for a while, until some heart breaking sprig proved to be a weed, and now the surface of the peat is covered with a luscious green layer of something.

I think my problem is stratifying. I guess my main problem is complete ignorance to what that even means. Do I just put the seeds in the fridge for a year or something and spray them with water? Are they good on rice?
thanks in advance
As cephalotus said, stratifying is not necessary in tropical plants. I also use a peat/sand mix for seeds. Many species will start to germinate in about a month, but it can't hurt to give them a couple more weeks.

As for stratifying, it is used mainly on temperate plants, the seeds are put in water or planted and then put in a fridge for a month or so, or simply planted outside early in spring while it is cold out.
I planted my D. Spatuhlata seeds without stratify. Planted in a 50/50 mix of peat and perlite. So far 3 popped out; hoping more will come.