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I felt that there is a growing interest in some of these plants, and I see them almost everywhere I turn, looking for CP information and to further my knowledge.

I figured it is about time that these are discussed with the same interest as others.

Some may consider these to not be carnivorous, why other may think they are, and even others may think that they are somehwhat carnivorous.

Let the conversation flow, I know that many people keep these plants ( some or all ) and there is a reason for it.

Please, share your knowledge and help others understand, admire, and maybe even become growers!!!
Triphyophyllum peltatum definitly is a "true" carnivorous plant !
The only one I have is Brocchinia. It only took a day or two after going into the ghouse before there were a couple dead bugs floating around the little pool of water.
Well, I won't expect too man Triphophyllum peltatum growers popping up here ;-)

BTW: I do grow Brocchinea reducta which just starts to flower and Roridula.

I don't grow any, but good luck on the new forum
Yah. I like the idea... I am hunting for the Bromiliad at the moment, but htas pretty much it for now...

Sheppards purse grows hwere I live. So thast kewl...

BTW, wuts the file attachments option here, at thebottom of my messagetyping box?
I own Brochinnia reducta also. Just got it like 3 weeks ago from Cooks. It is doing nicely. Nice new forum!