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Something cool...


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My wife and I were sitting on the deck on Sunday morning, enjoying a cup of coffee. While we're chit-chatting, I heard this wierd buzzing sound....

"what's that?"
"I didn't hear anything." Says the wife. Great. I'm going nuts.

Then it buzzed again, and louder. She heard it that time. We were looking all over for the source. Kinda of hard to find because it was so intermitant (spelling?). Eventually I noticed one of the BIG traps on the dente was closed that was open a few minutes earlier....I tapped it...Buzz buzz...

Heh heh heh!

I tell ya, that darn plant is going to get fat on my deck. This thing eats like 4-5 bugs a week!
That's cool, my flytrap never has anything in it because I have in a terrarium(I can't spell anymore, I don't think.:( ). I can't put my terrarium where it'll catch bugs for fear of my trumpet vine taking over or it getting kicked or somethin because I've run out of room on my porch because of so many other plants.
Sorry guys, no pics yet. I have to get my hands on a digital camera....