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Some pics

Ok, I haven't posted any pics for a while, so I guess now would be a good time.

Here's a gruesome pic for ya. Its a fly that's been digested by a vft. If you're squeemish, shield your eyes and scroll down past this one


There are some bees that find something very interesting in one of my vft pots. Don't know what it is, but they love digging around in the substrate of that one pot. So while I was taking pics of the bee, I saw this fly land on the tip of another vft. Since I had my close-up filters on, I decided to try and snap a pic of it. As I approached the fly, it crawled into the middle of the trap. Soon as I took this pic, the vft closed on him

Niiiiiiice. I like how you got the timing just right with the fly in the trap. I've never seen a fly close up that has been digested, it looked kinda cool with its eyes sucked in.

No... i think the VFT ATE the eyes... oooooooo.... ewwwwww.... anyhow... that's neat how it closed right after the pic. Maybe it wanted a good pic of itself catching it's trophy and it was posing, waiting until *after* the pic to close